Friday, May 20, 2016

Abraham and Sarah by Roberta Kells Dorr

This book gets off to a slow start to me. I like how Sarai is rescued from defilement by her half-brother, Abram, and the two are soon married. A curse was placed on Sarai that she would be barren. Abram his wife, Sarai and his family leave Ur because of the Elamites attacking. His brother Haran is killed and the family, except Nahor escape. Being lead by the promises if his God, Abram leads his family on a journey that he has no idea where he is going. They arrive in Egypt. Fearing for the lives, Abram lies to Pharaoh causing him to order a fleet of barges to take Abram and his large family to Tanis where they were to gather their servants and herds and leave Egypt. Sarai and Hagar. Hagar gives birth to a son. Abram's name changes to Abraham, exalted father. Sarai's name also was changed to Sarah, princess. Sarah gives birth to Isaac. The characters are intriguing. To have faith to leave all that you know and fell safe at, to go to some unknown place because God promised it to you is a life-altering faith and love. Pick up a copy today you will enjoy it. This is my first book by Roberta Kells Dorr. It is well written. The characters were portrayed well and convincingly. Her description of the country and surroundings was vivid.

I received a complimentary copy from MPnewsroom for my review

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