Monday, May 16, 2016

Esther Royal Beauty by Angela Hunt

I enjoyed this book. I could not put it down, it was captivating. I like how it was told from Hadassah (Esther) and Harbonah's point of view. It was so detailed, it was almost like you were there. The customs and traditions. The life of a eunuch, concubine, life in the harem, how treacherous a queen could be, that a king was in constant danger of losing his life from those he put trust in. How eunuchs served around the palace. How a young teenager became a wife and a queen. Being captured by ruffians, brought in a slave trader's carriage to the palace.

Esther is one of my favorite women of the bible. She had character, courage and love for her people. This was an emotional and touching portrayal. A young girl taken from the only father she has known, taken from her betrothed, taken from her friends, put in an atmosphere that is strange to her a mere teenager. How was she to cope? What did she have to do to stay alive? What of her betrothed and his father? So much has happened to Hadassah in the short time of her life. There is so much going on, it keeps you spellbound.

Beauty is not always a blessing.

This is my first book by Angela Hunt and I was not disappointed

The front cover was exquisite with its raised lettering and smooth back cover.

I received a free copy from Bethany House for this review.

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