Thursday, June 9, 2016

Money Isn't Everything

Colt Stafford, prodigal son. Colt had left Gray's Glen and the Double S and his selfish strong-willed father for the city and Wall Street until the market nosedived, and a Ponzi scheme was found at the firm he worked for resulting in a loss of a lot of people's money as well as his own. Now he had returned with no job and no source of income. Once again he would have to depend on and work for his father, not a place he wanted to be. Colt  the hot son, the son who had a way with the women, who was very intuitive.
Angelina Morales, a housekeeper for the Double S ranch, was really Detective Mary Angela Castiglione of the Seattle Police Department. Her father, Martin Castiglione had been killed because of some racketeer she had upset. To keep her family safe, she had come to Gray's Glen.
Sam Stafford, wealthy ranch owner and father of Colt, Nick and Trey. Illness had slowed him down to where he had to curb his ranch duties and let his sons handle it.
Three stubborn, head-strong intelligent people. How do they compromise for the good of the family and their and their town.
Ruth Logan Herne, if this is your first book in your Double S Ranch series then I can't wait for the second. Pick up a copy today, you won't be sorry.
I received a complimentary copy from Blogging For Books for this review.

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