Thursday, July 28, 2016


The Sons Of Isaac is about love, greed, jealousy, hope, manipulation, faith in one God.
Love: Abraham and Sarah’s love that produced Isaac. Jacob and Rachel’s love that produced Joseph and Benjamin.
Greed: Laban and Bethuel’s greed to marry Rebekah off to a man much older than her, but is rich. Laban’s marriage to a woman for her father’s riches. Laban’s working Jacob too long to marry Rachel.
Jealousy: The jealousy between the wives. The jealousy between the sons.
Hope: Isaac’s hope for a better future.
Manipulation:Laban’s manipulation of Jacob into marrying Leah.
Faith in one God: Isaac’s faith in one God and eventually Jacob.
Rebekah is of marrying age and finds out that she has had marriage offers that her father and brother refused because the men were not rich. Laban plans for Rebekah to marry his bride’s father, Nazzim, because he was rich. Learning of this, Rebekah decides to ask the Elohim of her uncle Abraham to find her a husband. When the Elohim answers her and she is married to Isaac and gives birth to twins who are at conflict from the womb. The sons of Isaac are Esau and Jacob. Joining Rebekah, Isaac, Esau and Jacob as they struggle to live up to their forefathers and to avoid serving idols and keep the faith of the one God. This is a page turner. Roberta Kells Dorr has another winner. I read another of her books, Abraham and Sarah. Keep up the good work. Good Reading.

I received a complimentary copy from Mpnewsroom for this review.

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