Friday, July 15, 2016

What Matters Most by Kellie Coates Gilbert

”I’m sorry. We really need someone a bit more qualified.” She couldn’t get her foot in the door of most companies she was interested in.  Leta was already working at the Central Market as a floral arranger and at the Hole In The Wall. Tired and at the end of her rope, she  spots an ad  for employment that seems just too good to be true. After having a confrontation with a newly hired girl, Leta stormed out of the Central Market and headed for the parking lot. Leta starts the engine of her car and shoves it into reverse. A jolt followed by the sound of crunching metal forces Leta’s attention to her driving. She gets out to exchange insurance information she sees that it’s the same man that had been in the Central Market earlier that evening. She had no insurance but he did and he told her not to worry. She later found out that the man was a senator. Leta finally catches a break, but when things seem too good to be true, they often are. Finding her dream job went right out the window when Leta Breckenridge had to quit school to help care for her mother suffering from dementia. Leta lands a high-paying job at a public relations firm. Her seemingly ideal job turns into a nightmare when she learns the firm is a front for a political opposition organization and that the research she’s been collecting will be used against Nathan Emerson, the handsome senator she had a fender bender with and she’s swiftly falling in love with. He’s already in a relationship with a woman much better suited to be a politician’s wife, but he’s never met anyone like Leta. Will Leta have to choose between her job, that is giving her the money to support her and her mother? Will her association with the senator damage his career? Pick up a copy today. It’s worth the read. Happy Reading.
I received a complimentary copy from Revell Reads for this review.

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