Thursday, August 11, 2016

Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman

Queen Bees Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman

The Queen Bee And Her Court
                            Queen Bee                                She will do anything to have control
                                Sidekick                                 She notices everything about the Queen Bee.
                                Banker                                   Her power lies in getting girls to confide in her.
                                Messenger                             She wants to prove her usefulness to the other girls.
                                Pleaser/Wannabe                                She will do almost anything to be in the group or gain favor from the Queen Bee.
                                Torn Bystander                    She doesn’t want to go against the powerful people in the group usually convinces herself not to challenge them.
                                Target                                    Targets don’t want to tell their parents because they don’t want their parents to think they’re a loser or a nobody.
                                Champion                             In every girl there is a Champion who wants to get out.

A lot of us have a daughter, granddaughter, niece or even a female cousin that has to go to school. Have you ever thought about what might be happening at school? The turmoil they might be going through each and every day? No, of course. Because you think, as so many of us do, that they are safe, and enjoying high school. No one wants to think that some girl is trying to Lord over your loved one and to make her life miserable and possibly be the cause of her committing suicide. It happens every day, yet, we are unaware because they don’t want to tell for fear of retaliation from the girl or the group or both. Take a look at your loved one when she comes in the door, look her up and down, and scrutinize her. Then ask if there is anything she wants to tell you, tell her you love her and nothing could ever make you not love her. This book is a gold mine. I didn’t have that problem with my girls, Thank God, but if I had, this would have been the book I would have needed to deal with what was going on. It has so much information and solutions. Pick up a copy today. You won’t regret it. Good Reading!!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging For Books for this review.

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