Sunday, August 21, 2016

Spy of Richmond by Jocelyn Green

Thursday, March 3, 1859, Sophie Kent, daughter of Preston Kent is at a slave auction. She is taking notes for an article she is about to write. Among the slaves to be auctioned is a slave by the name of Daphne who is 32 and have been classed as a house servant. Sophie finds out that this slave has been bought as a maid for her mother. Dyring the auction, Sophie and her father have an argument that brings on a heart attack, while trying to comfort her father, he tells her how his family was killed by slaves. He tries to extract a promise from Sophie but all she said was, "I'll always be your girl." 
Oakwood Cemetery, Thursday, September 24, 1863, Sophie and Daphne were at the cemetery to bury her mother. Her father had gone to war and been taken prisoner. Sophie has been against slavery and now she learns that instead of Daphne being freed as her mother wanted, she is now Sophie's slave and she can't free her, a codicil in the will saying she can not sell or free her, she is hers for life. When Daphne becomes I'll, Sophie learns that Daphne has a twin sister named Bella. While Bella ministers to her sister with the life-saving quinine, she learns that Harrison Caldwell, whom she came to Richmond with, is now a prisoner at Libby Prison. During a visit with Elizabeth Van Lew at the Van Lew Kitchen House, Sophie is asked to be a spy. Losing her mother, her father in prison in the North, Daphne, her slave, who was her mother's slave but is now hers, even though she never wanted slaves, she has an underground railroad, she tries to feed the prisoners with what little she has, and she also on occasion gives parties for her neighbors. With all that she has on her plate, how can she handle being a spy? She is already under suspicion for her trips to the prison. How can she handle this situation? This is an all-consuming book. It makes you cry, causes outrage, and inspires compassion. Pick up a copy you won't be sorry. Good Reading!!!
I received a complimentary copy from MPnewsroom for this review.

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