Do we give our children the wrong signals? When they are babies and were learning, when they did something wrong, we spanked them (black mothers from the ole school did). We thought we were doing what was right and teaching our child right from wrong. But did we? Or did we instill in them that being hit was OK? Think about it. If my mother hit me then its OK for my man/boyfriend to hit me too. I remember when my grandmother whipped me after she was done whipping me she would always say, "Tell me you love me." Right at that moment, I wasn't thinking about telling her I loved her, I was thinking about how my butt hurt, and how long it would be before I could sit down without a pillow. We learned from what our parents and grandparents did because that was the time that we grew up in. TV was still a baby when I was born, we had no video games, Wi-Fi, Cell Phones, Internet, FACEBOOK, My Space, etc. Parents weren't afraid to whip their children. As I told my children, You came out of my body and nobody was going to tell me how to correct my child. There wasn't so much violence back in the day as it is today. Maybe that is why our children are getting mixed messages. When you child wakes up each day, before he/she walks out that door, tell them, "I love you," and give them a great big hug. Tell them also, "God loves you too." 
Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Have a blessed day.

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